Reopening and Upcoming French Visitors

After nearly two weeks of closure, we’re proud to be opening our doors once more on the 19th February.

Although we’re all keen to get our noses back to the grind stones there’s the small matter of a reopening party to sort out first.

We feel like we’ve got a real reason to celebrate. Coming off the back of a storming year in 2017, the Riga Music Bar has finally reached a point where we’re happy with the service we provide as well as the way our place looks. With the conservatory roof finally replaced, there’s now a tonne of light streaming into our restaurant area making it a great place to enjoy our new breakfast menu. We’ve also taken on a few new members of staff, so expect to see some fresh faces milling about throughout the next couple of weeks.

When it comes to organising parties we feel like we’re safely in our comfort zone. We’ve updated our lighting rig and even serviced our speakers systems, so our grand reopening should pump louder and brighter than anything we’ve done before. Of course no huge celebration is complete without a lineup of exciting artists. We’ve reached into our back catalogue of favourite artists and tried to book as many of them as possible to ensure that we have an eclectic lineup that will keep you on your feet for the whole night.

Jaques the Beatmaker was one of the first few acts to grace our stage. His artful blend of Deep House and 90s RnB struck a chord with both our older and younger patrons making him a firm favourite to this day. Back in 2011 he was an ambitious teenager travelling around the festival circuit in his camper van mixing as he went, but time has changed how he goes about his work now:

“Playing the Riga Music Bar was a real highlight of my early days as a DJ. I really felt the love from the crowd and that important for me, especially considering that I was spending so much time travelling alone at the time. I can’t wait to return to Riga to show how far I’ve come!”

After spending some time touring a series of villas in Provence, Jaques is ready to hit the road once more and test out his new set of tunes: we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us!

Rachel Abe’s Sonic Maelstrom will be making their fourth appearance at the Riga Music Bar for our reopening which should bring a smile to many of our regulars’ faces. Pairing a direct, unashamedly political angle with an earnest songwriting style, this ragtag 5-piece are always a joy to watch. Although they’ve not released any new material for a while, you can guarantee that they’ll have some new tunes up that their sleeves that are bound to skewer a few topical events.

“We love Riga Music Bar – let’s party like it’s 1885!”

Finally, PoorlyWordedPR might not sound like the best up and coming electro-pop group coming out of Sweden, but anyone who saw their set here two years ago will know that they’re definitely on the cusp of greatness. With a sharp 80s aesthetic, stabbing synth melodies and an aggressively personal performance style, this four-piece have been touring intensively since we last saw them so it’ll be interesting to see how far they’ve come since then.

“Life on the road has been super tough for us, but we know we’ll receive a warm welcome in one of the best bars we’ve ever played in.”

Preparations are well underway now and we can’t wait to see what our touring acts have to show us!

Riga Music Bar will be re-opening on the 19th February with music from Jaques the Beatmaker, Rachel Abe’s Sonic Maelstrom and PoorlyWordedPR. Food will be provided by the Riga staff in conjunction with The Raj.