Our Story

When Riga Music Bar opened it’s doors in 2007 the paying public didn’t know exactly what to expect.

Opening in the ruins of Jakers’ Chicken Shack, Riga Music Bar was intended to be a simple answer to an age old problem: a place where you could buy a decent glass of beer, eat a decent burger and dance your arse off to some seriously sick tunes.

It all began with one awful night on the town.

Have you ever had one of those nights where nothing quite works out? When all the places that you desperately need to get into are full to the brim? When the places that you do get into are playing the shitest music?

Three best friends: Anna Fernando, Michael T. Roskill and Ben Oldman were on such a night. It was Ben’s birthday and all he wanted to do was eat some decent grub, drink a couple of beers and have a dance. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be.

They tried getting into the Smithsonian, only to find the place at max capacity. Gravity was holding a 90s R’n’B night filled with the worst kind of people and it’s probably best not to mention the kind of states that were crowding into The Prison at 1am on a Friday night. In the end, all Ben wanted was some fried chicken but even this was not to be. As they were approaching Jakers’ something improbable happened. A ball of flame and smoke erupted from the door. People spilled out with blackened face, choking and hurriedly wolfing down robbed wings.

The night was over. The dream was done. But there was something to salvage from the night.

Anna, Mike and Ben went home fuming but also brimming with ideas as to how to never go through something like that again.

That night Riga Music Bar was born. 2 months later the burnt out shell of Jakers’ was bought and 6 months after that Riga Music Bar had opened it’s doors to rapturous applause.