Changes in the Kitchen

Our team here at Riga never like to rest on our laurels…

We made some real progress last year with our kitchen team, expanding the variety of food that we offer as well as introducing a couple of weekly events that have helped change the perception of how locals see our little business.

Where once Riga Music Bar was seen as the place to get simply grab a pint and watch some music, we’ve now forged a new identity that places us squarely in competition with local restaurants and other food oriented bars.

One of the real success stories of last year was our collaboration with local Indian restaurant, The Raj. Although we’re technically speaking in competition with these lads from across the road, we so often found ourselves enjoying each others’ wares that it seemed silly to be keep up this air of competitiveness. After bonding over a few pints and a curry we decided to try something unconventional. Once we a week our team of chefs would swap over, offering regulars at The Raj a chance to taste our own chefs take on Indian food and our own customers the opportunity to sip down our great tasting beer whilst noshing down on some award-winning curry.

We’re happy to announce that this collaboration will continue this year with a minor change to the way we work: our teams of chefs will now mix instead of straight swapping, giving these talented cooks a chance to truly learn from each other and expand their knowledge.

After our little accident last year with a (now fixed) deep-fat fryer, we’ve decided to run a thorough check of all our kitchen equipment, to ensure that we don’t have any more nasty surprises in store for us in 2018. A few little bits and pieces were looking tired, amongst them were an element for a Belling oven, a long forgotten ice-cream maker and an old-school rotating buffet toaster. You probably won’t be surprised to hear which of those was replaced and which one’s found a new home in the skip out back…

It’s not just the kitchen gear that we’re replacing though, we’ve taken a long, hard look at our food offering this year and have made a few tough choices that will hopefully raise the perception of our bar moving forward and should hopefully start attracting more customers in to check out our live music. Whilst the Triple Cheese Toastie and Croque Monsiuer were once firm favourites with our lunchtime crowd, these cheesy delights have fallen out of favour with our current clientele. As a result, we’ve decided to take them off the menu and replace them with lighter alternatives that should hopefully appeal to more of our diners.

Breakfast has long been a meal of the day that we’ve shied away from, but with more and more folks turning up for a cup of coffee in the morning, we’ve decided to branch out to offer a few breakfast options for those looking to star their day with us. Alongside the traditional bacon, egg and sausage barms, we’re also offering quality porridge with some truly righteous coffee.

Please let us know if you appreciate any of these changes to our food offerings, we’d love to hear your feedback!