Business As Usual: Strange Discoveries

Things we’ve found since the renovation.

It’s been a few weeks since we re-opened our doors here and we’re making some odd discoveries around our almost-new bar…

All sorts of things get stirred up when you get work done on a building as old as ours. We’ve been having some fun going through the bits and pieces left over from the work that was recently completed here. Our staff have been working hard here to get the place back in order. Although we’d started just wanting to get a few changes made to the place, mostly in regards to some important safety features, the more jobs we got completed, the more ideas we had to keep the construction men and surveyors busy!

After three months of constant demolition, design and construction, we’re all dead pleased with how far we’ve come and we’re even happier to have found this wonderful assortment of forgotten things, we think we might stick them all together in a display case.

Take a look at our discoveries below to see what we found (and send us a message if any of it’s yours!):

Total Station

When the builders first brought this to us we thought they were having a laugh, however this particular total station looked far older than anything that a modern builder would be using for surveying purposes. Darryl, the bricklayer, told us that he’d found it crammed into a space within a wall that he was knocking through and surmised that it must’ve been dropped in there by a particularly careless surveyor some 75 years ago – we bet that took a nasty chunk out of his monthly pay check!

Cribs T-Shirt

This little gem was found in a panel above one of the ladies’ toilet cubicles. Jolene, our resident writer and major Cribs fan, instantly recognised it as being from their tour of their second album The New Fellas. You’d think that a hidden vintage t-shirt in a ladies toilet would spark all sorts of intrigue amongst us, but we managed to piece together it’s story pretty quickly as it was heavily spattered in vomit. Although Jolene attempted to wash it, the tee remains unwearable, no doubt abandoned by its owner in a fit of embarrassment.

Half of a Fender Mustang

Musicians don’t often leave there instruments here, it’s usually how they make their money on a day-to-day basis so it would make little sense for them to leave them just lying around, but it’s clear that this is exactly what someone did with at least half of their guitar. The interesting thing about this find is that the guitar quite clearly predates any gig that we’ve held, so it suggests that there was a venue here before Jakers’ Chicken Shack even existed. Although there have been some calls to put it back together and return it to its former glory, we we think it’ll look much better as it is in our display case.

Tape Cassette Player with Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Only a handful of us remember the days when cassette tapes where the best way to listen to music on the go, most of our younger bass stuff where a little nonplussed by this chunky, clunky metallic box that was found whilst we were ripping out the old bar. The best surprise of all was that the thing still worked! Apparently this tape player was simply misplaced by someone 20 years or so ago – it’s just a shame we’ll never find out who!