Big Structural Changes Coming

Riga Music Bar is undergoing a transformation!

Thanks to 2017 being such a bumper year for us we’ve been able to put a few long-term plans into effect…

When we first envisioned our very own Music Bar, we were never that fussed about such ancillary things as interior design or architecture. When we were freezing our arses off on a cold winter’s night, watching Jakers’ Chicken Shack quickly burn to the ground, we simply saw the opportunity to do something truly exciting with the space at our disposal. We always that felt that a good bar should value substance over style. We’d seen the hipster traps that had started popping up all over the city with their exposed brick work and bare light bulbs and we knew that, for some, this was a marker for a ‘cool’ place, but we weren’t interested in attracting those people.

There’s a reason why we put the word ‘music’ into the name of our establishment: because music is at the very heart of what we do.

Since opening, we’ve tried to coax more people through our doors each week off the back of an eclectic selection of live music options and well-sourced vittles. We knew that our kind of clientele weren’t about to be put off by our relatively cheap looking fittings or dark interiors. They would come for the music and, hopefully, would stay for the good vibes. Over 4 years down the line we’ve now successfully built up a solid base of regulars which is consistently topped up whenever another stellar touring act makes it’s way onto our stage.

With that being said, time has not been kind to our plucky little bar, which is why we’ll be closing for refurbishment for a fortnight in February. Before you throw your hands up in dismay and ask us what you could possibly do with yourself for that fortnight – don’t panic! Our DJs and musicians will be shifting their activities over to The Raj, just across the road, so you’ll still be able to listen to some great music with the added bonus of eating some cracking Indian food at the same time!

Amongst other things, the majority of the work taking place will be focused on getting more light into our dedicated dining space as well as safeguarding against potential risks. Although we’ve only had one serious safety issue here this building does come with a past history that is hard to ignore. So, just like a new pool should be installed with the right equipment, such as a swimming pool skimmer or aquamatic cover (from Paramount Pools), this building needs to be protected by it’s own host of fail-safe features. A sprinkler system throughout the building, in addition to advanced heat sensors are the major installations that we’re investing in, as well as improved emergency power lighting in the event power loss.

As we’ve said before, architects we ain’t, however we’re bright enough to realise that most people don’t generally like the idea of eating their breakfast in the dark. We’ve been saving up the necessary cash to fund a replacement conservatory roof for some time and now we’re finally ready! Although this change is moving our business (quite literally) into the daylight, we want to assure our regulars that we will still be continuing our stellar range of night-time activities: we promise you we’re not slyly turning ourselves into a tearoom.

In addition to this exciting new change, we’re going to be making some much needed updates to the upholstery and furnishings so that those who choose to sit down for our music performances will hopefully be a little more comfortable.

Fingers crossed these changes will be made without a hitch and we’ll be back in business by the 19th February!

The Riga Music Bar will be closed from the 5th-19th February 2018 for refurbishment. There will be a full program of events hosted by The Raj during this time.